What does an MIB student look like?

For me, writing the blog started last year and has continued through this one. After I wrote yesterday’s post, though, I was thinking that there must be some readers who only started clicking the web page’s blog button this year. Starting at the end of the process (saying no) might not have been logical. So today, I’ll talk a bit about reading applications.

Specifically, reading applications for our two new programs. Though MIB and LLM have been tied into our work for more than a year (producing brochures, meeting prospective applicants, designing applications), we have been aware that we wouldn’t know what an MIB or LLM student would “look like” until we started reviewing applications. I read my first batch of MIB applications yesterday and I can say that they look like what we had hoped for. The applicants are experienced business professionals who are engaged in work that is not confined to one country. On the other hand, in terms of age and international experience, they are much like our current MALD students. It’s much easier for me to see, now, both how they are different from students in the MALD program, as well as how they will fit into the student community.

I haven’t yet read an LLM application, but I’m looking forward to finding out what an LLM student will look like.

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