Students' Career Search Partners

At any point in the process, lots of our applicants and newly-admitted students are quite sensibly looking ahead to their post-Fletcher job search.  We, in Admissions, do our best to answer questions, on the basis of past observation.  But once students arrive (and I do mean, from the minute they arrive), the Office of Career Services leads the way.  Meet the OCS staff, as they tell us what they enjoy about their work:

Helen Anderson writes:  I was initially hired by Fletcher on a part-time, nine-month basis. I had previously worked in the healthcare industry, so this was a significant career shift, and I was uncertain as to whether I would like working in an academic environment.  Well, that was 16 years ago, and I’m still here, which must say something! For me, the most satisfying part of the job is working with students who are smart, diverse, interesting, and (most importantly!) appreciative of what we do. I also enjoy tremendously keeping in touch (personally, as well as professionally) with alumni whom I knew as students. They are wonderful at giving back to the School — helping with internships and full-time jobs — because they are grateful for the help they received from OCS while they were students.

Cynthia Dantas says: I work at Fletcher because the values of the community align well with my personal values,  particularly the idea that we should all strive to make the world a better place by getting involved and taking action. In this regard, I’m constantly amazed and impressed by Fletcher students and alumni. They are not only intelligent and talented, but also hold strong personal convictions.  And, they are willing to make sacrifices for the wide range of issues/causes in which they believe. We have alums around the world, who put up with difficult working environments, separation from family, and other challenges, all in the hope of making a difference.  It’s very motivating to assist these students achieve their career goals, and to hear about their accomplishments. The quality and diversity of students and their professional interests also means that there is always a new challenge around the corner. After almost five years at Fletcher, I’ve found that this environment continues to help me learn and grow professionally.

Sarah Stockwell is one of those Tufts alumni who have found a way to return to campus in professional positions.  She tells us:  I really enjoy working at Fletcher because I can help such a diversity of students prepare for their careers post-Fletcher. At this stage in my life, I know I won’t be moving to Africa to work for an NGO, but I love the fact that I can help students meld their interests, experiences, and Fletcher education into passionate life-long careers.

Finally, OCS director Phillip McMullen writes:  The Fletcher students, staff, and faculty are what keep me engaged in this school.  The students are eclectically fascinating, with varied and unique backgrounds, yet with one common theme — they share an innate interest in all things international.  I think it is ironic that, as connected as the world is purported to have become, it often seems that global communities have become more insular and isolated.  Fletcher is one community that refuses to see the world through that lens — we do not fear “different” and, in fact, embrace it.  I often describe Fletcher to outsiders as a rare community that wants to change the world for the better, with members who view that desire as being realistic, not idealistic.

Two years ago, three members of the Admissions staff left simultaneously to pursue graduate studies.  OCS is going through a similar transition this year, and new staff members will soon join the office.  For now, Helen, Sarah, Cynthia, and Phillip will be doing all that summer-time work that sets them up to meet with new students during Orientation week (no ignoring the career development process here!) and throughout the coming academic year.

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