More orientation through links

Continuing on the theme I started yesterday, I thought I’d provide one piece of info key to navigating the local landscape, and that is “the square.”  Look at Trafalgar Square in London, or Tiananmen Square in Beijing, and you’ll see a space that is, at least, rectangular.  Not so our local squares.  Davis Square is sometimes drawn as this little guy, with two legs, two arms, and two (what?) sticks coming out of his head.  Not rectangular, and certainly not square.  The “squares” of Somerville or Medford (or Cambridge, for that matter) are the intersection of several streets.  Closest to Tufts are Somerville’s Davis, Ball, and Teele Squares, plus Medford Square in Medford.

Now you have the essential knowledge that will enable you to understand Fletcher students when they tell you where they live, or the location of their favorite restaurants.

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