Completed requirement #1: Language proficiency

In order to graduate, Fletcher students who are native English speakers need to demonstrate proficiency in at least one other language.  (Non-native English speakers demonstrate their proficiency in their second language — English — every day they are here.)  The first of the year’s reading exams was was offered on Saturday, and here, for the curious blog reader, is the breakdown of the 147 tests taken:

Spanish (56)
French (49)
Chinese (11)
Arabic (10)
Italian (6)
German (4)
Portuguese (3)
Russian (2)
Swahili  (2)
Hebrew (1)
Japanese (1)
Korean (1)
Urdu (1)

Test guru Ann Marie Decembrele, from the Registrar’s Office, also tells me that two students will make separate arrangements to test in Hindi.  All students who pass the reading exam will then contact a tester to schedule an oral exam.  Once both are passed, a graduation requirement can be checked off the list.

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