Fun Fall Weekend

I hope it was a good weekend for everyone.  It certainly was for us:  the Medford/Somerville metro area had fantastic weather — the type we look forward to all winter as we dig through the snow.  My husband, Paul, and I kept ourselves busy:  went to the theater, puttered around our small sun-starved garden, picked up after the high school girls varsity soccer team during their sleepover with our daughter Kayla.  But the event that establishes the flavor of the neighborhood is, without a doubt, the annual Honk! Festival.

So there we stood on Massachusetts Avenue on Sunday, watching a long and unruly parade of marching bands, clowns, people on stilts, and hula hoopers, many of whom displayed a clear political leaning.  It’s a joyful parade, a celebration following Saturday’s great music in Davis Square (and ending up at the annual Oktoberfest in Harvard Square).  Be sure to put Honk! on your calendar if you’re planning to be in the area next fall!  Meanwhile, check out this video, Louder than Words, made by Tufts students in an Experimental College class last year.

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