Jeff’s Super Bowl party conversations

Jeff told me this story yesterday, and of course I told him to stop talking and start writing it up for the blog.  It’s always nice to know Fletcher students are loved by more than just the Fletcher community.  Here’s his story:

Over the weekend, one of my friends hosted a Super Bowl party that I happily attended.  To be honest, I’m not a football fan, and I had no interest in watching the game; I was there purely for the food, conversation, and commercials.  In between munching (pizza, chips, cookies, carrots) and commenting (on commercials, not the game), I chatted with a friend who is a professor at Harvard Law School.  He mentioned that he has a few Fletcher students in one of his courses this semester, and he thinks they’re great.  This isn’t the first time he has taught Fletcher students, and each time he does, he enjoys the interesting perspective they add to his class.

As you may already know, Fletcher students in all degree programs can take up to a quarter of their classes outside of Fletcher.  Whether they participate in an exchange or a dual-degree program, or take advantage of cross-registration opportunities at graduate schools at Tufts or Harvard, there are many interesting options for supplementing their class choices.  And it’s also a great opportunity for Fletcher students to meet other students in the area, and to spread the Fletcher perspective.

Whether you watched the game or not, I hope you at least enjoyed some good (or, at least, fun) food over the weekend.  For those of you who watched the game, I didn’t root for either team, but I’m a fan of the Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial.

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