Live! From the Hall of Flags!

During an online chat this spring, one of us mistyped a word and ended up referring to the “buzzling” in the Hall of Flags.  I like the concept — a blend of bustling and buzzing.  So I’ve decided to hang out in the HoF for a while, trying to capture some of the buzzle.  I’ll also pretend to do try to do some work at the same time.

10:15 — Not much buzzling at the moment, but I have my cup of mint tea to occupy me.

10:35:  My first visitor.  Second-year student Chris Murray just stopped by and asked if I’ve been tossed out of my office.  Here he is, saying hi to everyone out in blog land.

Chris was just returning from his oral exam in Chinese.  He passed — YAY!  I asked him what he discussed with the examiner, and he said they chatted about Chris’s pre-Fletcher job, Chinese foreign policy, and other Fletcher-ish topics.

10:55:  When I first sat down, I overheard someone saying that he had never seen the Hall of Flags so quiet.  Not a good day to document the buzzle, I guess.  There are a few more people hanging out now.

11:05:  Finally, some activity.  First, Prof. Babbitt stopped by to talk a little business.

And classes changed, so there was some mingling.

11:15:  Sitting here is a great way to catch up with people.  Lots of students visit the Admissions Office, but they usually have some special business when they’re there.  Perching at a Hall of Flags table is definitely the way to generate casual on-the-fly conversations.

11:20:  Jeff just came by to see if I’m still out here.  He pulled Patrick and Fatema into a quick photo.

11:25:  There’s a study group behind me.  I haven’t figured out what class they’re preparing for.  Serious science content, but also business.  Now they’re talking about sugar cane in Brazil.

11:30:  Time to wrap up my hour of live blogging.  But not before I tell you about one more visitor to my HoF table.  Kevin Meehan is the first person most visitors to the School will meet.  He’s also the go-to guy for all questions about building issues, including booking rooms for meetings, lectures, study groups, student groups, etc., etc.  During his visit to my table, Kevin told me he didn’t know Admissions has a blog.  Now he does!

This was a fun hour — it passed in a flash.  Classes end tomorrow, and the Hall will be very quiet through study week and finals.  But I’m going to make a note to blog from the Hall of Flags again in the fall.  If nothing else, it gives me a chance to catch up with so many people I don’t see day-to-day.

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