Admissions advantage for athletes?

No.  There is no Fletcher admissions advantage for athletes.  I want to end that rumor right now, despite dramatic successes for three of our teams. Playing in the Tufts intramural league, facing undergraduate (i.e. younger) legs, both the basketball team:

and the volleyball team:

won in their divisions.  Congratulations teams!

Capping off a week of sports action, legendary Fletcher fútbol achieved a top-of-its group win (3-1!) over Harvard Kennedy School in the regional graduate school league.  The Fletcher fútbolers will soon play in the championship tournament, ably captained by second-year MALD students Amos and Sebastián.  First time to the tournament in Fletcher Fútbol history!  Let’s hope that Amos and Sebastián can count on three more goals from first-year MALD students Elia and Christian, as well as one from Sebastián himself.

If you play a little basketball, volleyball, or soccer/fútbol, consider joining your team of choice next fall.  While admission for athletes rests on their experience and academic ability, the same as for anyone else, we’re glad to know that some of the applications we read are from students who will contribute to a winning team.

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