Those moustachioed Fletcher men

Early Notification deadline aside, I know it’s November when Fletcher men start sprouting moustaches.  A relatively new Fletcher tradition, first- and second-year students compete to raise funds for men’s health during “Movember.”  As an impartial bystander, I think there’s a little competition for nuttiest approach to fundraising and the ‘stache itself.  There’s even some Mo trash talk, both between the classes of 2012 and 2013, and as the two classes unite to taunt their less successful (by moustache and fundraising standards) peers at the Kennedy School.

While waiting for full moustache splendor to emerge, Movemberists at Fletcher have raised funds through a 15-minute dance party, by sponsoring “design my moustache” auctions, and by patronizing local taverns that offer to donate back a portion of their proceeds for an evening.  All very creative, and for a good cause!  There are still two weeks left in Movember.  Who knows what these moustachioed Fletcher men will do next to boost their fundraising, and in their quest for the perfect mo.

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