Time to wait

Whether you submitted your application this past weekend or earlier, the pressure of the deadline probably weighed upon you.  Now, for better or worse, there’s not much you can do but wait.  (I say “not much” rather than “nothing” because, of course, you should make sure your application materials were received and that your file is complete.  Check your GAMS account to be sure.)

We’re making good progress in compiling application files.  From my desk I can see three mounds of applications in some state of completeness — probably about 300 in total.  Time to call our student Committee members in to grab their reading for the weekend.

Meanwhile, you can sit back and put all thoughts of graduate school out of your mind.  More productively, you can use the next two-plus months to continue to learn about the schools to which you’ve applied.  That way, in the spring, you’ll be in a good position to make a decision on where to enroll.  To that end, today I want to point you toward Fletcher’s facebook page, where several students shared photos from their winter break.

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