The last day of a long week

No one on the Admissions team is afraid of a little brain-straining hard work, but this has been a long week.  Most of us worked last Saturday, and one day of recharging wasn’t enough to ease the sense that we’ve been here continuously since who knows when.  Still, it’s satisfying to move the process forward to the point where we can see beyond the boxes in the back office and imagine interactions with admitted students.  If we can only finish the rest of the tasks still in front of us…

Meanwhile, Fletcher life goes on, and the week has been filled with activities.  Just yesterday, two illustrious alums visited to chat about International Economic Policy for the 21st Century.  Later in the day, Fletcher Students in Security (FSIS) offered pizza and discussion of “From Cadet Grey to Army Green…Reflections of West Point Junior Officers Since 9/11.”  And today, Fletcher is the site of the Tufts 5th Annual China-U.S. Symposium — or, as the organizers like to call it:  塔夫兹大学中美关系年会.  (I can read that, so I know it says what it’s supposed to.)

If only there were more hours in each day.  Sigh.

But we’re keeping our noses to the grindstone and getting it done.  Attending lectures and symposia will need to wait a couple of weeks.

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