An alum in the news

I’m always drawn to stories about the average Fletcher graduate.  Yes, we can (and do) point to plenty of ambassadors or prime ministers whose great accomplishments shine a favorable light on their Fletcher education.  We’re all proud that Thomas Pickering and Bill Richardson are Fletcher alums, but what about students who aren’t destined to represent the U.S. at the United Nations?  The reality is that most of our alumni lead lives of quieter accomplishment.  In my view, their success is the best indicator of what an incoming student’s post-Fletcher life might resemble.

In that spirit, here’s a nice story from The Boston Globe about a graduate of the PhD program.  (Apologies for all the ads on the Globe page.)  I didn’t work in Admissions at the point when Banafsheh sent the letter she describes, but Fletcher is fortunate that previous staffers acted upon it.

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