Coffee. Tonight!

In Bangkok?  Join a Fletcher student for coffee tonight.  Or, if you’re in Istanbul, have a Turkish coffee with a student tomorrow (Wednesday) night.  The Coffee Hours are off and perking, with Frankfurt rounding out the first week.

(Note that we used to call these events Summer Coffee Hours, but in recognition that it’s winter in many Coffee Hour locations, we’ve gone season-neutral.)

Not sure whether you should attend a Coffee Hour?  Thinking that you haven’t researched your grad school options enough?  Or maybe you’ve researched them too much?  Or even that you’re an admitted student, so what could be gained?  Fear not!  These are super casual conversations that can range from Fletcher’s curricular offerings to where to find a good burrito near Tufts.  There’s no set agenda — just a conversation between prospective grad school classmates.  I hope you’ll want to join in, wherever you are!

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