Ariel’s Frequently Answered Questions

I’m sure that advice columnists exist in every culture, but a particularly well-known practitioner of the genre in the U.S. is Dear Abby.  Well, the Dear Abby of the Fletcher Admissions intern team is Ariel, who masterfully answers the many emails sent to the Fletcher Admissions address whenever she reports to work in the office.  Today I’m launching “Ariel’s FAQs,” which I hope will be a regular feature.  Ariel is going to send me the questions (and answers) commonly on the mind of applicants for each week.  Here’s the first.

Dear Ariel:  Who should write my recommendation letters? And can I send my recommendation letters by mail?

We suggest that at least one letter come from a faculty member, academic dean, or an advisor familiar with your academic performance.  In addition, at least one letter should come from a professional supervisor, mentor, or colleague. The third recommender is up to you!  Choose someone you think can best speak to your preparedness and suitability for study at The Fletcher School.

We prefer that you use the online recommendation system included with our online application. Please instruct your recommenders to set any spam filters to allow all emails from, as this address will be used to communicate with them throughout the recommendation process.

Though we strongly prefer use of the online recommendation system, you may also print recommendation forms from the Supplemental Forms section of the online application and have your recommenders submit their letters in hard copy in a sealed envelope. Because things might get lost or delayed in the mail, we consider the online system the best way to submit your recommendation letters!

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