Dear Ariel answers your scholarship questions

The second installment of Ariel’s Frequently Answered Questions. 

Dear Ariel:  How can I get more information about scholarship opportunities at Fletcher?  How do I qualify for aid, and is aid also available to international students?

The Fletcher School awards over $6 million in scholarship aid annually.  Fletcher Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and need to both U.S. citizens/permanent residents and non-U.S. citizens.  Financial need is determined through an evaluation of an applicant’s resources, which includes income and asset information.  Merit is assessed through the application for admission.

The Fletcher School is committed to providing scholarship assistance to as many students as possible; however, our resources are limited.  While over ninety percent of the candidates requesting scholarship aid receive at least partial funding, Fletcher students need to formulate a financial plan that does not rely solely on Fletcher scholarship aid.  Fletcher scholarships typically range from $4,000 per academic year up to full tuition.  The middle 50 percent of scholarships awarded are in the $7,000 to $18,000 range.  Please note that Fletcher offers very few full tuition scholarships, and assistance to support living expenses is not available.

All applicants seeking scholarship aid must submit a complete Fletcher Scholarship Application (included with the Application for Admission) by January 10 for MALD applicants and March 1 for MIB and LLM applicants.  By completing the scholarship application, applicants are eligible for all Fletcher scholarships.  Scholarship recipients are notified at the time of admission.  Scholarships are renewable in the second year for those students who maintain full-time status and remain in good academic standing.  In the event that a student’s tuition charges are reduced, the Fletcher Scholarship will be pro-rated accordingly.

For more information on scholarships, please visit our website here. For more information on loans and employment, please visit our website here.


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