A great day for an election

It’s a beautiful autumn day in the Medford/Somerville metro area.  Clear blue skies, and just a bit of a chill.  A perfect day to head to the polls.  In addition to the presidential election, Massachusetts has a tightly contested race for Senator between incumbent Republican Scott Brown (a Tufts graduate) and Democrat Elizabeth Warren, and there were lines to vote at several polling places I passed on my way to work this morning.

Tufts is the kind of place where you can expect students to be engaged in politics.  As the polls close, there will be an Election Night Extravaganza, organized by the Experimental College (for which Fletcher students have sometimes taught courses).  I also just heard from one of our Admissions volunteers, Nihal, that residents of the Fletcher dorm, Blakeley Hall, have organized their own election results event for tonight.

For blog readers outside the U.S., you may want to read up on our Electoral College, which you’ll be hearing a lot about tonight.  (We’ve already had an early-morning Admissions water-cooler conversation about it.)  Whichever way your politics may point you, it’s an exciting day at an interesting time.

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