Fletcher/Tufts news beyond the blog

Although I often pick up a piece of Fletcher news (or, more often, newsy tidbit), it’s not realistic for the Admissions Blog to cover everything going on here.  Thankfully, blog readers do not need to remain ignorant of interesting events — there are plenty of other sources for you.  Here’s a partial list.

Fletcher’s News & Media page, produced by the School’s communications office.

Facebook pages for the School, Admissions, as well as some offices and student groups, in addition to Tufts University.

Twitter feeds for the School, Admissions, and the University.  Additional Twitter feeds pop up as needed for a conference or other event.

The Tufts Daily — all the University’s news in a student-produced paper and web format.

If you’re a prospective student and you want to know more about the communities that surround the University, most local newspapers have detailed websites.  Though each of these locales actually has more than one news source, here are a few links to start your research on Fletcher’s closest neighbors:  Boston, Medford, Somerville, Cambridge.

Keeping up with all those sites and sources should give you a sense of what’s happening on campus and in our neighborhood.

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