Prelude to Commencement

It’s a transitional week — no longer the spring semester, but not yet the summer break.  Students are either gone (off to interesting internships) or invisible.  Among the invisible, many are participating in the Fletcher tradition known as Dis-Orientation.  A fitting balance to the Orientation program that starts each academic year, Dis-Orientation is less preparatory and more celebratory.  Here’s part of the Dis-O line-up, each event coordinated by a different student or team of students:

  • Tours:  Boston Duck Tour, Freedom Trail Tour
  • Downtown outings, including a picnic in the Boston Public Garden, and a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts
  • Parties, including a “Stoplight Party” (a party of multiple parties at the Fletcher-student-occupied Green House, Yellow House, and Red House)
  • Movies, including (appropriately) The Graduate
  • Sports, including a Red Sox Game against the Minnesota Twins
  • Exercise, including a bike trip
  • Farther-flung outings, including an amusement park
  • And many activities ending with -ing:  whale watching, clubbing, poker playing, storytelling (organized by our own student blogger, Roxanne), trampolining, and pub crawling.

The week wraps up with a class photo on Friday, after which graduating students will turn their attention to the weekend’s Commencement activities.  More on that tomorrow.

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