Happy 4th! Celebrate over coffee?

While we’re celebrating the U.S. Independence Day (July 4th) holiday, I encourage you to check the schedule of Coffee Hours around the world.  Don’t wait until you’ve missed the Coffee Hour nearest you!  If you need further convincing, consider this email report from Michael, the newly graduated MIB student who hosted the Minneapolis coffee hour this week:

Hi Christine and Kristen,

I am happy to report a 100% turnout at the Coffee Hour here in Minneapolis.  We had a great conversation!  We talked much longer than expected, but there was so much Fletcher excitement in the air — how could we stop?  Some highlights included:

♦  Scott Snyder (MIB 14) joined us, as he just happened to be in town, stopping over in Minneapolis during his summer-long cross-country charity bike tour.
♦  One applicant’s grandparents were Fletcherites, and wanted to learn what the school was like today.  (His grandparents attended in the 1950s.)
♦  One applicant’s father went to Tufts and sang the praises of Fletcher.
♦  Another applicant had been on the Fletcher email list since her freshman year of college.

All the best from the Midwest!

I hope the prospect of sharing coffee with others who share your interests will send you flying to the Coffee Hour sign-up page.  Meanwhile, the Admissions Office will reopen tomorrow, following the holiday.

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