January applications, coming up soon

September is three-quarters vaporized already and the October 15 deadline for January enrollment is only three weeks away!  January enrollment has traditionally been limited to the MALD program, but this year — following a re-think — it’s an option for MIB students, too.

“Januarians” are always a special subset of the community.  Their Fletcher careers put them in contact with three different classes, giving them an extra broad network.  They also have the opportunity to pursue two different internships during their two summers, or they can use one summer for an internship and one for another activity, such as career-related language study.  There are some real pluses to starting midyear.

Of course, there are some negatives, which mostly relate to being newbies when everyone else already knows the ropes, but the negatives are quickly overcome.

From an Admissions perspective, reviewing the applications that arrive in October gives us a good chance to get back into the application-reading groove.  That it’s a smaller, more manageable batch of applications makes it all seem easy, and then it’s only two months before we can greet the new midyear students!

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