Applied for January enrollment?

Yesterday slipped by me without a chance to write a “today’s the deadline” post.  Applications for January enrollment in the MALD or MIB program were due yesterday, and today the staff is doing what needs to be done to make the applications ready to read, as well as to let applicants know if any materials are still needed.

Those who submitted an application know that there is still another week or so when recommendations and test scores can arrive and be reviewed.  In fact, since we correspond rather a lot with applicants, there isn’t much that I can add about the process.  But I will say something about the time frame.  We turn these applications around quickly!  The spring semester starts on January 19 and people need to make plans.  And get visas.  And relocate, etc.  So we’re already reading the applications that are complete (by “we,” I don’t yet mean “me,” but I’ll read some this weekend), and the whole process will wrap up within a month.  At that point, we’ll get ready to welcome our newest Januarians.

The small batch of applications for January is just what we need to get started on the annual application review cycle.  I’m looking forward to learning about our soon-to-be students.

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