How to track your EN application

I have been truly remiss these past few months in that I haven’t introduced the newest member of the Admissions team.  You may already have heard from Lucas, our new Admissions Coordinator, when you contacted the office with a question — he is overseeing the processing of applications, getting them ready for Admissions Committee members to read.  He joined the staff just as the semester began and he has been quickly learning everything he needs to know.

Yesterday I ran the following information by Lucas (who has a much better understanding of the back of the Slate system than I do) to be sure it is still completely accurate, and he confirms that it is.  With a note to myself to ask him for a more complete introductory blog post soon, here is the information that Early Notification applicants will need if they want to follow the progress of their application.


AFTER YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION, your Application Status page will display the information you need to track your application.

To access your Application Status Page you can either click the “Start an Application” link on the Admissions website or save the application link.  You will login with the email and password you used when you created your application.

How Do I Know If My Application is Incomplete or Complete?

Even after you have submitted all the required materials, your application is not complete until a staff member has reviewed each document to check that it is correct and legible.  Your Application Status page displays the most up-to-date information on your application.  Please allow us up to 10 days after we receive your materials to update your status.

Your application will be marked as incomplete if we find that items are missing, your transcripts are difficult to read or not translated into English, or your application fee has not been received (with the exception of fee waivers).  If we are missing materials or cannot read application documents, we will contact you.

Fletcher Admissions will send you a confirmation email when all of your application materials have been compiled and your application is ready to be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.  Once your application is complete, there’s nothing more you need to do.

Please Note: the order in which your application is processed has no bearing on your admissions decision.

When Will I Receive My Decision?

Early Notification admissions decisions will be released before December 30.  We will send a message, with information regarding your decision, to the email address you used on your application.  Note that EN applicants who applied for a scholarship will receive information about their award in March, at the same time that we release decisions for those who applied in January.

If you have further questions, please email us or call us at +1.617.627.3040.

Please use the email address that you included in your application on all email messages to the office.  We try to respond to every message on the same day we receive it, but due to the large number of emails we receive, it can take several days for us to reply to you.  We appreciate your patience!

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