Conference today: “Transforming Violent Masculinities”

Speaking of new activities and energy in the gender field at Fletcher, as I did earlier this week, a conference is taking place this week on “Transforming Violent Masculinities.”  The conference kicked off last night with a panel discussion open to all in the community.  The sessions today and tomorrow were designed for practitioners, with students eligible to request a spot earlier this month.  Sponsored and hosted by the World Peace Foundation, the conference was the winning submission in WPF’s student seminar competition.

Sessions being held today and tomorrow (under Chatham House rules) include:

Transitions to Manhood
Youth in Armed Conflict
Gang Violence in the Americas
Positive Deviance
Identity and Violence in the US
Violent Extremism

You can follow the conference on Twitter.  There is also a Storify wrap-up of the session last night.

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