Getting nervous?

Through various channels, I’m hearing that applicants are getting a little bit nervous while they wait for admissions decisions.  Must be time for a quick update!

We are motoring along through the process.  Motoring!  Our student readers have been terrific, needing only occasional reminders to READ MORE!  The staff readers are keeping up and will finish off nearly all of the reading this week.  Committees for each of the degree programs have been meeting, working through lists of applications and, at the same time, establishing the standards and priorities for the year.

But friends, it’s still only the last week of February, and we are not ready to release decisions.  As you know, we don’t have rolling admissions, and we don’t trickle out the decisions.  They all come out in a March flood.  So far as awaiting your Fletcher decision is concerned, you still have plenty of time to relax.  Focus on other things.  Enjoy yourself.  Or, alternatively, use the coming weeks to do a little advance research on the graduate programs you’re waiting for.  (The period from receiving decisions until the deadline for making your enrollment choice goes quickly.)  In any event, you can trust that we’re working hard to wrap up this process, but we still have several weeks to go.

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