Waiting for Fletcher? This post is for you.

Enrollment decisions were due on Friday and we’ve heard from just about all the admitted applicants.  There are a few stragglers we’ll reach out to, and then we’ll assess where we are for each of the degree programs and for our scholarship budget.  Meanwhile, we’ve also been hearing from folks offered a place on the waitlist.  (As you know, not everyone wants to wait — they’ve gained admission to another program and they’ve decided to enroll, or they’ve made completely different plans for September.)  We’ll revisit that group, too, and get a sense of who’s waiting and for which program.

If you have told us that you’ll accept your place on the waitlist, you should send us (as soon as possible) any updates you’d like us to review.  We’re especially interested in new test scores, updated transcripts, a résumé that describes a new workplace or position or, really, anything that you want us to see because it makes you a better applicant.

All of that said, we don’t yet know whether we’ll be admitting anyone off the waitlist.  I can tell you that our goal is always to make admission offers as early as we possibly can, but I also acknowledge that, in some years, the process has dragged on a bit.  (Then, after keeping you waiting, we’ll ask for a quick response to an admission offer.  Doubly annoying, I know.)

I’ll try to provide updates over the coming weeks.  If you’re at a critical juncture in your own planning, feel free to email us and someone will get back to you with whatever information we’re able to share at that time.

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