Dis-O 2018

An annual student-led tradition at Fletcher is “Dis-Orientation,” the counter-point to the official Orientation program that takes place before each academic year.  Dating back to 2006 (I first made reference to Dis-O in the blog in 2007, but in 2008, I noted it had been started two years prior), Dis-O has only grown in complexity and grandeur.  A full spreadsheet is now required to keep track of the where and when of events.

Dis-O kicked off last Thursday with a rugby game and a bike ride, but the main attraction was Dip Ball (the Fletcher prom).  Today’s six activities (starting at 9:30 and running into the wee hours) include kayaking and brewery visits.  Overall the week includes plenty of outdoor sports (besides rugby and kayaking, there’s also cricket, soccer, hiking, softball, and golf) and indoor “sports” (a FIFA tournament, board games, and a “massive game of spoons”).  In true Fletcher fashion, there are also a few activities that involve cultural sharing, for example, a “learn about American football” session and, naturally, a Eurovision viewing party.  Rounding out the week are movies, barbecues, improv, an “outdoor jam,” pizza, and several parties.

Once this week of intense bonding is behind them, graduating students will graduate, and continuing students will head off campus for the summer.  It’s already very quiet around here, though I’ve seen clusters of students still congregating in the Hall of Flags.  By next week, it will pretty much just be the staff, and we’ll turn our attention to a summer of planning for the 2018-2019 academic year.

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