Pickering and Rangel fellowship applications

One of our students, Rami, who is also a Rangel Fellow, wrote this week to make me aware of a change to another fellowship program.  For this year, the application calendar for the Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Fellowship Program has changed.  Applications are now due on September 20 and the 2019 fellows will be notified in November.  SEPTEMBER 20!  That’s soon, people!  But the November 20 notification date will be a huge help for both applicants and graduate schools.

Of course, if you already had your eye on the application for the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program, you’re probably in good shape, as the Rangel application deadline is September 17 and has been following that calendar for a while now.

Both the Pickering and Rangel fellowships provide generous support for students interested in U.S. Foreign Service careers.  If that’s true for you, I strongly encourage you to apply to one or both of the programs.  They are both long-time partners of Fletcher (and not only because Ambassador Pickering is a Fletcher graduate).

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