Orientation is here!

I arrived at Fletcher before 8:00 this morning, but the place was already in full buzz.  New students were checking in — grabbing ID cards and packets of Orientation info.  Here’s the cheerful packet distribution team:

The newbies have just gone into their first Orientation session (welcomes from various Fletcher and Tufts folk), but before they assembled in the ASEAN Auditorium, they were doing some serious new-student mingling, both down in the Hall of Flags and also in the mezzanine area (from which I took this photo), where breakfast was available.

From today through Friday, the new arrivals will participate in academic briefings, tours, financial aid sessions, discussions of diversity, icebreaker exercises, small group presentations from the Ginn Library and Registrar, an introduction to the Office of Career Services, and more.  Mixed in there are lunches, breakfasts, social hours, and evenings out in the area.  Students who pay attention will be exhausted but also well informed when they start their classes next week.

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