Coffee and conversation with Fletcher students

Mugar CafeIt’s hard to imagine a world without coffee, isn’t it? It fuels irrepressible banter, anchors epic clashes of will, and helps keep us from getting too verklempt. It also provides a great context to get to know Fletcher. In case you haven’t heard, our office offers a “Coffee with a Current Student” program during the academic year, which allows you to – stay with me here – have coffee with a current student. We of course also encourage you to try to join us for a visit day (three dates this fall), register for an information session, or schedule an interview; we’re happy for you to visit Fletcher however you can. Sometimes, though, an informal chat with a current student can be a nice alternative to our more structured visit programming.

Rubi coffee machineCoffee with a student might involve heading over to Mugar Cafe, one of Fletcher’s prime pit stops and hang-out locations. Or, if the line is long (which it sometimes is around lunchtime), there’s always Rubi, the much-better-than-you’d-expect coffeebot that’s a relatively new addition to the Fletcher community, and which won’t be offended if you grab a cup and move on to find a conversation spot. Current students can provide a lot of context to life at Fletcher that can be harder for us to convey directly. You might ask them about a favorite class, something that surprised them about grad student life, anything they might do differently, or how their interests and plans have evolved during their time here. It’s a good opportunity to get a sense of the personality that underpins our community, in addition to all the descriptive details about programming and logistics available elsewhere. There are over a dozen weekly slots available, for which you can register ahead of time. We’ll let Rubi know to expect you soon!

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