Back at it!

We’re back! We might collectively weigh in a bit heavier after celebrating Thanksgiving, but it takes more than a few pounds of turkey and pie to slow our operation down. With our Early Notification deadline last week, we’re largely occupied with processing, reading, and reviewing submitted applications. If one of them is yours, you can expect to receive an admissions decision by mid-late December.

Many readers may be planning to submit applications by the January 10 regular deadline. There’s still plenty of time for you folks, but not that much time. By now you should at least have a GRE test date scheduled, and hopefully have your recommenders in place (who will obviously need some time to write letters for you at a point in the year when many are busy with the end of academic semesters and various holiday preparations and travel). It’s probably good to start putting some ideas on paper for your essays, too, if you haven’t yet done so. Those of you working on applications will get all manner of deadline reminders over the next month, but I’ll emphasize here that it’s totally fine to submit your application before the deadline. While it won’t mean you’ll get a decision any sooner, it will be a major item off your to-do list, and will surely give you some peace of mind.

In any case, there’s still time to plan a visit before the semester ends, and as always, there are lots of ways to learn more about Fletcher as you chip away at your application. One way or another, we’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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