Catching up with The Fletcher Forum

Fletcher Forum logoMy hope is that many blog readers already have some familiarity with The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, our student-managed foreign policy journal. It’s been around since 1975, after all, and has really upped its digital presence in recent years, in addition to its biannual print editions. The Forum is a go-to resource for analytical essays, interviews, and podcasts from leading scholars and practitioners, covering a wide variety of international affairs topics around the world.

The past year has seen the addition of The Rostrum, a section of the Forum’s website dedicated to student publications. One of the most common lines of inquiry we receive from prospective students concerns research and publication opportunities at Fletcher. While a variety of such opportunities exist, often through students’ work with faculty or Fletcher research centers, The Forum (and The Rostrum in particular) is unique in that it rests entirely in the hands of students. You can learn a bit more about those students in the About Us section, which provides an overview of the various roles Fletcher students occupy on the publication staff of The Forum. They’re also nice capsule bios of these folks, illustrating the varied backgrounds and areas of academic, professional, and regional focus among our students (and you’ll find more of this kind of thing in the student profiles available elsewhere on the main Fletcher site). For those blog readers interested in research and publishing opportunities during grad school, keep your eyes on The Forum!

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