Kaitlyn’s fall semester wrap-up

As Kaitlyn details, her fall was about as full as a semester can be, with classes, Capstone work, and a variety of extra-curriculars:

Three Down and One to go!

Kaitlyn studyingEach semester comes with its own challenges. Last semester, it was the sheer number of classes I had (7 with the French audit). This semester it was the reading load and balancing coursework with the job search, the Capstone, and a student job. Have you ever seen those circus performers who balance the spinning plates over their hands and feet (how do they do that, anyway?)? I definitely do not have the hand-eye coordination to balance spinning plates, but I have a little bit of an idea after this semester of what it probably feels like. Having kept all the plates spinning without incident (okay, the plate for International Communications wobbled a few times) I’m happy I can now spend winter break relaxing. Now, it is now the new year, and until the Spring semester starts, I’m enjoying having fewer plates to balance. (Side note: It’s nice to have the time to actually enjoy my Capstone research). I thought I might take the time to reflect on the parts of the semester that made that balancing act fun and somewhat easier to manage, and make a resolution for the new year (one, which, with my track record, I will probably keep until… hmm, March.

Semester Highlights

Fiesta Latina!!!

It took me a year (and several people reminding me when the date was – thanks Pedro!) but I finally went to Fiesta Latina. This is one of the culture nights put on by Fletcher Students every year. I had a fantastic time (and gamely finished the jalepeño my girlfriend got from the trivia game). It was really awesome to take a night off and have a good time with my classmates. And I see a side of them I’d never see in the class room (for instance – some of them are fantastic tango-dancers. I still have two left feet).

Fletcher Friends

Kaitlyn on the CapeWhether it was learning to play Catan (note: don’t build your city on the desert with the funny statue), celebrating the midterm elections with my fellow Fletchies, or re-discovering Cape Cod with some newbies (best road trip ever!) the time I spent with my Fletcher friends this semester really reminded me that the people here are one of my favorite parts of this school. One of the best parts of the semester was definitely spending Indigenous People’s Day taking a trip to the Cape. Three of my friends and I got to explore the forest, marshlands, and beaches of the National Seashore and then spent the afternoon up in P-Town (always fun as a local to introduce my friends to my favorite places). This was a great trip to take in the early fall – the weather was still warm and the sun stayed up after 17:00. Weekend trips like this are one of my favorite ways to hit the pause button on the workload and feel refreshed when I get back to my assignments.

Fellowship Finalist

Last year, I got the news about my summer internship in November. This year, it continued to be a lucky month for me. I found out I’m one of the finalists for the Presidential Management Fellowship! It was one of those moments where you remember that the hard work truly pays off (and it was an awesome post-midterms gift). I’m so grateful for the opportunity and excited to continue the process towards securing a fellowship position.

Resolution for  2019

Spend more time in the Ginn Library. I’m a more productive studier in the library, no question, but inevitably, I tend to end up at my desk where I can snack while I work. So this year, I’m going to make more of an effort to go – and maybe I’ll adopt the snacking strategy of some of the savvier Ginn residents – packing soup in a coffee to-go thermos! (True story).

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