Who says grad school is all work?

snowmanSpring break is still over a week away, and the weather of late certainly hasn’t indicated that winter is leaving anytime soon, but that hasn’t stopped Fletcher students from taking a study break to make the best of our latest round of snow. This fellow showed up outside of Ginn Library this week, ready with a flimsy high five and general good cheer for passers-by, and even sporting a dash of Fletcher orange. While we’re happy to welcome the newest member of the Fletcher community, it’s safe to say we’ll all be hoping he’ll have moved on by the time students get back from their upcoming break, if not before. I’m reminded each year that many Fletcher students experience their first-ever snowfall here, and seeing the results of people enjoying the season helps to get through our last stretch of cold weather. We’ll be sad to see our seasonal friend go, but we won’t mind watching him slowly leave as things warm up around here.

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