Pre-session: The pre-season of the academic year

MIB welcome tableHere we are in mid-August, with the mercury stubbornly high and a pretty summery feeling overall. There’s still a bit of beach weather left in the season, but we’re already welcoming a few students who technically begin their Fletcher careers today, a few weeks ahead of the official start of the semester. These folks are here for pre-session, and like the sky turning a weird yellowish green before a big thunderstorm, or Silver Surfer heralding the coming of Galactus, they indicate that things are really about to start happening around here. The pre-session course – Strategic Management – is a requirement for MIB students, and open to other students interested in managing things strategically. It’s a good opportunity for MIBs to meet each other in advance of the semester, and a handy way for students to ease back into the academic demands of the semester.

Pre-session students will be pretty busy – the course is a half-semester’s worth of content packed into two intense weeks – so we’re not likely to see too much of them during this time. There will be a small but noticeable uptick of activity around the Hall of Flags, though, and the trickle will soon become a flood. Orientation, Fletcher’s equivalent of opening day, is right around the corner!

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