Admissions Visit Days

Visit Days 2019 datesWe always look forward to prospective students visiting us at Fletcher, particularly during the semester when guests can get a good sense of what a typical day here is like. I’ll put in a plug for the several “Visit Days” we have schedule throughout the fall, which provide a semi-structured way to spend an informative day at Fletcher. Think of Visit Days as an open house of sorts for prospective students, a loosely-organized set of discrete events that visitors can attend individually or in their entirety. The baseline of a Visit Day is comprised of an information session and tour of Fletcher, a current student panel, and lunch with current students and administrators. A more ambitious visitor might also schedule an in-person interview, a coffee with a current student, and/or arrange to sit in on a class or two, which will add up to a pretty comprehensive view of life as a Fletcher student.

You can register now for Visit Days on October 21, November 4, and December 2. If none of those dates work with your schedule, it’s completely fine to plan on visiting us whenever you’re able. Quite a bit of the content of a Visit Day is reproducible on an individual level, and we’ll happily help you put together a day at Fletcher whenever you’re able to make it to campus. One way or another, we’ll hope to see you here soon!

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