Deadline Reminder: October 10 for spring 2020 enrollment

Murray and dinner plateProspective applicants for January 2020 enrollment: do I correctly assume that you’re in the final stages of putting together your application? I bring this up now because there’s only slightly more than a week until the October 10 deadline. Those ten or so days are likely to be far more relaxing for you if you’ve already got your resume and essays ready to go, your recommenders on track to submit their letters, and your application form more or less completed. A week+ is the perfect amount of time to use for final proofing and last-minute tweaking, but if you’ve still more to do, now is the time to get cracking! Deadline Reminder Minister Murray awaits your application with a level of alacrity normally reserved for unlicked dinner plates.

While we’re talking deadlines, I may as well mention that our next one isn’t too far off, either. November 10 is the first deadline for fall 2020 enrollment. Apply by this early notification deadline, and you’ll receive an admissions decision by January 1. More on that later, but no harm in marking your calendar now!


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