Oishi reps BRAC and Fletcher on Brookings panel

Every now and then an interesting student update will land on the news desk of this blog. I’m very happy to have been clued in to some of the recent activities of first-year MALD student Oishi, who was invited by the Brookings Institution to speak at their Annual Girls’ Education Symposium in Washington, DC (scroll down a bit to check out Oishi’s panel on “Bridging policy and practice: Skilling girls for better life outcomes through STEM,” or just watch below). Prior to her arrival at Fletcher, Oishi worked for several years with BRAC in her native Bangladesh, and continues her association with the organization during her studies at Fletcher. My guess is that many blog readers are pretty familiar with BRAC, but if not, it’s one of the heavy hitters on the global NGO scene, specializing in a variety of social development and enterprise work. Oishi has extensive experience in the applications of education technology in developing contexts, and as such was a natural fit for the event at Brookings. Says Oishi of her work, “we are in the adolescent years of 21st century. We have a lot of changes going on most of which we don’t understand. It’s ok to feel those butterflies in our stomach, it’s ok to make mistakes, but important to keep room for flexibility and learning from failure. We need to keep dating until we crack the perfect marriage between education and technology!”

Congratulations to Oishi on her great work, and our thanks for sharing it with our readers!

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