Visit Day, impeded by neither snow nor rain

Fletcher School sign in snowIs “goopy” an acceptable meteorological term? Even here in New England, where we’ve no shortage of creative terminology for various types of weather (we all know to fear the dreaded forecast of a “wintery mix”), today seems to beg for its own descriptor. All of our team fortunately made it back fine over the weekend from our various Thanksgiving travels, only to be greeted by a big, gross snowstorm that started Sunday afternoon, and continues as I write this. Of course it can’t just be a bunch of snow, though, which is an inconvenience, but which the region is collectively pretty good at handling. It started as snow, changed to freezing rain at some point early this morning, is currently a cold sleet, and is predicted to return to snow at some point today, lasting until at least tomorrow morning. Those prospective students who brave the forecast to join us for our final Visit Day of the season are a hearty bunch indeed. Do your worst, weather – you can’t derail us!

Visit Day lunchAs usual, Visit Day is a nice blend structure (info session, current student panel) and individual choice (class visits, coffee with a student, interviews), and gives us the opportunity to meet some of our candidates in person without anyone feeling like they’re being pulled in too many directions at once. Our favorite burrito bar lunch, courtesy of Tufts catering, remains a high point, and not just because it’s so tasty. It’s a lot of fun to watch our visitors – many of them future Fletcher students – chat with our current students about life at Fletcher. We’ll look forward to seeing some of them at future Visit Days as current students, sharing their experiences at Fletcher with a new group of prospective applicants!

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