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Today we’ll turn to our first-year student bloggers, who are busily diving into their second Fletcher semesters after surviving (and thriving during!) the fall. Mohit has gotten involved in a lot of annual Fletcher events, and has found a number of outlets for his entrepreneurial interests:


“Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth learning can be taught.”  — Oscar Wilde

It’s 9:15 a.m. at Paris airport. I have ~12 hours before I reach Delhi for my winter break. This should be enough for me to draft this end-of-semester wrap-up blog post. After grabbing a much-needed coffee, I open my laptop and begin my thought experiment to reflect on my first term at Fletcher. And soon, terms like MIINT, office hours, Fletcher D-prize, FSIG, AFSWYD and Asia night refresh my memories. I realize how I am more tempted to write about my ‘Life beyond classrooms,’ considering I spent most of my time in such activities and events during the first term. And why not, when you are a true believer of experiential learning! On second thought, I appreciate how such experiences are contributing to my all-rounded collegiate experience – something more than just studying! After all, this was a key criterion in my decision to come to Fletcher.

In the first blog, I summarized my overwhelming initial days at Fletcher. In this post, I focus on my experiences of engaging in various clubs and activities.

Mohit and MIINT teamMy favorite commitment first. I am proud to be part of an amazing five-member Fletcher MBA Impact Investing Network & Training (MIINT) team. The MIINT is a yearlong impact investing competition that provides me with a hands-on experience to think and work like an impact investor. It’s a great setting to brainstorm and be challenged by some of the brightest minds at Fletcher. Fortunately, some of my team members ensure we compensate for our work with some fun (secret trip under planning!!!). So, if you are an aspiring Fletcherite with a passion for impact investing, you know which team to join!

I cannot express the importance of office hours enough. Prof. Alnoor Ebrahim and Prof. Patrick Schena, with their in-depth and global knowledge, continue to encourage me to learn more about this emerging field. I cannot recall a moment when I exited their rooms without some food for thought.

Among other things, Fletcher is the right place for budding entrepreneurs. While it all starts with a light bulb moment, Fletcher D-prize and Tufts 100K New Ventures competitions provide exciting launchpads to test your idea and get initial funding to start your own venture. Along with Nitin (MALD’20), I am excited to move on to the second stage of the Fletcher D-prize competition. We intend to address the patchy electricity problem in rural India by selling innovative, lightweight, and foldable solar tarps. Tufts 100K competition is next on the radar!

During my orientation week, I heard fascinating stuff about Fletcher’s treasured tradition of hosting the “Annual Faculty and Staff Wait on You Dinner.” Students get to enjoy dinner in the Hall of Flags, while the faculty and staff serve as waiters and waitresses for the evening. Once the dinner concluded, we auctioned ~40 items donated by the Fletcher community. This year, we raised ~$5,000 for the Welcome Project – Somerville’s leading immigrant organization. Keep your apron ready to volunteer next year!Faculty and staff wait on you dinner

I am also excited to be selected as a co-lead of Fletcher Social Investment Group (FSIG) – a student-run club focusing on impact and ESG-factor investment, along with investment consultancy projects. With my passionate team, I continue to build a strong community of students with a shared interest in the field of impact investing and make Fletcher a visible leader in this space globally. Currently, we are working on plans to organize Fletcher’s first Annual Impact Investing Conference.

I’m not done yet! During this winter break, I am pursuing an independent research on impact investing in India with funding from Fletcher Educational Enrichment Fund (FEEF) and the Institute for Business in the Global Context (IBGC). I am also looking forward to hosting a coffee hour session for prospective Fletcher students in Delhi and talk about my first-hand experience. As you can imagine, I’ll have plenty to say!

Long story short, if you are an aspiring Fletcherite, remember, there is so much to explore beyond classrooms! Based on your interests and career choices, you can choose from 50+ student organizations and create some truly memorable experiences.

I’m always excited to share my experience and make new connections. You can connect with me on LinkedIn

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