One week left!

Do I have your attention, applicants? Good. Just making sure everyone remembers that the January 10 application deadline is one measly week away. Having sufficiently jolted you awake, I can now add context and caveats: please do submit your application by the deadline, but don’t sweat it if you have a heel-dragging recommender, or have a test score report that doesn’t arrive quite on time. If we have all your outstanding materials by February 1 we can usually avoid delays in processing your application. There are also several later rounds by which you can submit your application, too, though be aware that scholarship aid availability may be limited by this time.

static-faced Murray, the dogFeeling frazzled? Your Minister of Deadline Reminders and Other Action Items certainly is. While we hope you’re on track to submit by the 10th, don’t get yourself worked up over deadline pressure. One way or another, there’s still time to get your application together. As the new year begins, we prepare to hunker down for a lot of processing work, and then reading and reviewing applications nearly full-time. The point is that we’re all back, and looking forward to your applications! Feel free to be in touch with our office with any questions in the meantime.

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