Spring is maybe coming

An update from the “things I’m pretty sure only I care about” file: the nets and windscreens are up on the tennis courts!

Ginn Library window to tennis courts Wait, wait, before you bounce away from this post (pun fully intended, now that I think about it), let me explain. As both an office drone and tennis player, I feel very lucky, and sometimes frustrated, to have a window in my office that sort of looks out over the tennis courts next to Fletcher. “Sort of,” because it actually looks onto the Ginn Library reading room, but also out the window on the other side to the courts. “Frustrated,” because in nice weather I can see people playing and, much as I enjoy my work, it’s hard not to feel like I’d rather be out there at times.

Tufts tennis courtsSo, the net/screen installation each year is a milestone for me, as it describes a perfectly circular Venn diagram of my interests in tennis, warmer weather, and worrying more about whether wind will screw up my forehand rather than whether it will cut through multiple layers of clothing to my very core. While it’s true that it’s still a bit chilly, and in general meteorologically volatile, to count on regular outdoor tennis, it won’t be too long now. In fact, as I write this, there’s a spirited doubles match going on that’s making it hard to focsadpsdfif…er, sorry, focus. On this post, which has my full attention.

We’ve had an unusually mild winter this year, and almost no snow. While that doesn’t mean I’ll suddenly be ditching work to hit the courts (I’d never do that to you, readers), I’m happy on behalf of our racquet-wielding students who look like they may be getting a longer than normal outdoor season before they all disperse for summer break. As for me, I’m happy to live vicariously for now.

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