Welcome to an important new community member

Fresh Fridge vending machineOkay, I should admit up front that that headline probably oversells things a bit. Still, a new food resource in the building – and one that fills an obvious need, not to mention lots of grumbly Fletcher tummies – is worth acknowledging. So welcome to the new Fresh Fridge!

The…what, exactly? Combining your favorite things about your home refrigerator and a soda machine, the Fresh Fridge promises some slightly more substantive, and certainly more healthy, in-building food options. While Fletcher’s beloved Mugar Cafe has made great strides in recent years in expanding its fresh and ready-made options, it’s only open so many hours each day, and not at all on weekends. Enter the Fresh Fridge, conveniently located right outside Ginn Library, and ready to offer exactly the right treat whenever it’s needed. Hunger making you confuse your outputs and outcomes in that logframe? Roll on over to the Fresh Fridge for a veggie wrap break. Can’t remember if you’re looking at a log-lin or lin-log econometric curve? The Fresh Fridge has your back in the form of a nice bag of turkey jerky.

It’s not just food; it’s brain food! Glad to have you with us, Fresh Fridge.

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