“Mapping Hezbollah’s Worldwide Activities” with PhD alumnus Matthew Levitt

Once in a while a blog-worthy tidbit just falls in my lap. Fletcher PhD alumnus Dr. Matthew Levitt, currently of The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, recently updated us on a major new initiative he will soon launch tracking Hezbollah activities globally. See his note below for details and links to the new interactive platform as well as an upcoming launch event!

I wanted to give you a heads up that on August 3 I will be publicly launching a massive project: an interactive map and timeline of Hezbollah worldwide activities.  The map will launch with about 1,000 entries to start, including source documents, and is searchable by navigating the map, the timeline, text search, and coded categories of activities.  The invitation to the virtual launch event can be found here.

The project grew out of the research for my book on Hezbollah, which was published in the United States by Georgetown University Press, in Europe by Hurst Publishers, and in South America (in Spanish) by Hojas del Sur. 

There’s a ton of new material in the map, from very recent events to a significant number of previously unknown incidents culled from now-declassified CIA and other documents.  An introductory video to the map is available here.

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