Fletcher introduces new Master in Global Affairs degree

Fletcher is excited to introduce the new Master in Global Affairs (MGA) degree program. The MGA will embody the interdisciplinary and flexible curriculum for which Fletcher has long been known, while providing a focus on subject area specialization and skill building in a particular field. For those prospective students interested in the Fletcher experience who aren’t able to dedicate two years to a full-time student experience, the MGA may be for you.

The full-time MGA student will complete the program in an accelerated 16 months (though a part-time option of up to 28 months is also available). Requirements include completion of an in-depth field of study, a complement of skills courses, and a practicum under the guidance of a faculty advisor. MGA students will also have the option of completing an internship for course credit.

It’s likely that many prospective students will find themselves trying to determine whether the MALD or the MGA is the best fit for them. Both programs will draw from Fletcher’s extensive interdisciplinary curriculum and have a great deal of flexibility. The MGA, however, will demand of students a bit more focused specialization in a single field of study, and will permit a bit less customization than the two-year MALD. Students who prefer more latitude to explore different areas of the curriculum, and those interested in exchange opportunities, dual degree programs, capstone research, or the possibility of continuing on to a future PhD program will be best served by the MALD. Those with a clear understanding of their future professional path who are interested in building expertise in a particular issue or skill area and returning immediately to the workforce will find the MGA a good fit.

You can read more about the MGA here. Please feel free to contact our office with questions!


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