Fletcher Gender Analysis & Women’s Leadership blog

Gender Analysis logoWe bloggers have to look out for each other, and it’s in that spirit that I encourage readers to check out the blog of the Fletcher Gender Analysis & Women’s Leadership program. Unlike this space, the Gender Analysis blog isn’t maintained by some administrative factotum but rather by Fletcher students themselves, and it’s got a load of fascinating content that’s worth your time. Fletcher is one of the only schools around with a discrete Gender Analysis field of study (and the only APSIA school, to my knowledge), and the variety of scholarship in this area at the School is on full display in the blog. Recent posts include pieces on the gendered impact of US border militarization, the effects of “imposter syndrome” on Black women in the workplace, applications of queer theory in international relations, and the history of Phillip Morris marketing women’s “emancipation” through smoking.

So check out the blog, and check back often for much more student scholarship in Gender Analysis!

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