GMAP update: January residency begins

The new year is exciting not just for the turn of the calendar, but also because it means the start of a GMAP residency. Our admissions colleague Laura was kind enough to provide an update on the January residency of the GMAP class, which welcomes several new students to its ranks:

GMAP class photoToday kicked off the start of the January residency for the Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP) Class of 2021! Throughout the next two weeks of their January residency, the GMAP Class of 2021 will meet their new classmates and faculty, begin their coursework for the spring semester (see course list below), engage in conversations on today’s current global issues, and attend the 14th annual GMAP Alumni Weekend.

The majority of the class began their GMAP year last August, however there are 4 new Januarians joining – welcome to Fletcher!

This diverse and accomplished class (30 students; 19 nationalities represented; average age of 42; 43% female; and an industry background of 44% public, 34% private, 31% NGO/IO) will spend the next two weeks beginning the following courses:

GMA E230: Global Macroeconomics – taught by Professor Krohn
GMA P215: Global Environmental Diplomacy – taught by Professors Moomaw and Chester

GMA P240: Global Security and Crisis Management – – taught by Professors Pfaltzgraff and Shultz

GMA P217: Poverty and Development – taught by Professor Wilson

It’s going to be an incredible two weeks and we are so very excited for this class to get started on their spring term!

And for those of you who aren’t familiar with GMAP: Founded in 2000, The Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP) is a hybrid program that combines the best of in-person residency sessions with the flexibility of online studies. The degree’s interdisciplinary curriculum provides the 360-degree perspective of international affairs that’s essential to succeeding as a global leader. The first and only hybrid program of its kind, GMAP allows accomplished individuals to earn a Master of Arts in International Relations from anywhere, without interrupting their careers. As part of the unique hybrid (online + in-person) structure of the program, GMAP students complete three in-person two-week residencies – one in January, July, and August – and the rest of the year is conducted through internet-mediated instruction. However, this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated travel restrictions, the residencies have been offered in a virtual format.

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