Application Deadline: February 20

February 20 calendarA quick public service announcement here today, reminding prospective applicants to most degree programs that there’s still time to submit your application for fall 2021. The February 20 deadline is fast approaching, and now is the time to start pulling together all the various pieces of that application on which you’ve been pecking away. Give your recommenders a little nudge if you’re still waiting on their letters, and finalize the working drafts of your essays. Not a bad idea to go over the application form once more, too, to make sure you haven’t missed any questions. There are a lot, I know, but we do use all the information requested and appreciate a complete application form. Applicants should also be aware that, in spite of our reference to the earlier January deadline as “scholarship priority” date, it is still possible to be considered for scholarship aid if you submit in February. So get those applications in!

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