DC Career Trip

US Capitol BuildingThe annual Washington, DC career “trip” took place late last week, and it was a busy affair as always. “Trip” more in spirit than in practice this year, for obvious reasons, but in spite of being screen-mediated this time around it still felt familiar, with all classes cancelled for two days to allow over 300 students to take part in many dozens of discrete events. Included in this year’s schedule were a variety of alumni panel discussions, as well as “site visits” with a variety of employers, including Booz Allen Hamilton, the Eurasia Group, UNHCR, the Global Fund for Children, the Asian Development Bank, USAID, the Council on Foreign Relations, ICRC, the Aspen Institute, Control Risks, the World Bank, Human Rights Watch, and the Migration Policy Institute, along with many others. Given the ugly winter weather across much of the Northeast last week, it seems a particularly auspicious year for attendees not to have had to worry about travel arrangements!

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