Fletcher D-Prize Poverty Venture Solutions Competition Launch

D-Prize logoOne of my favorite extracurricular events at Fletcher has come up on the calendar. As always, I’m happy to share the news about the launch of the annual Fletcher D-Prize Competition. This competition in creative poverty solutions highlights the spirit of social entrepreneurship that courses through our student community, and provides recipients up to $20,000 to pilot their initiatives. Check out the list of past winners for a perfect example of how Fletcher students put their education to work while they’re still earning their degrees. Regular blog readers might recognize one of last year’s winners, Mohit Saini, as a regular contributor in this space.

While the D-Prize Competition is, as its name suggests, a competition, it’s not just a law-of-the-jungle/survival-of-the-fittest/two-men-enter-one-man-leaves scenario. Participants can take advantage of mentorship and coaching from the Fletcher Entrepreneurs in Residence as well as The Derby Entrepreneurship Center at Tufts, and connect with other students who share an interest in social entrepreneurship and innovation.

I’ll be sure to update blog readers on the results of this year’s competition!

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