Program Spotlight: Map Your Future

College seniors, this post is for you! While I am now definitely old enough to be thought of as “old” by people your age, I actually remember pretty well what it’s like to be in your shoes around now. If you’re graduating this coming May, you probably still feel like you have some time to figure out What’s Next (you do, don’t worry), but also are starting to feel a bit of pressure or anxiety knowing that your last semester is likely to go by quickly (you’re right, it will). You might be thinking about jobs or internships or service programs or actually doing that nutty thing you’ve been sort-of contemplating like hiking the Appalachian Trail or traveling around the world or taking your shot in Hollywood or NYC (unsolicited advice: do it! Nutty things will become trickier to pull off as you get older). Our contribution to this existential mix is Map Your Future (MYF), a pathway to Fletcher designed specifically for you that can fit nicely with many permutations of other possibilities you’re considering.

MYF is an application option available only to those within six months of concluding their undergraduate studies. As an MYF candidate you may apply to the MALD, MGA, or MIB programs by either of two deadlines in December or June (normally during your senior year), but in so doing you are applying for a deferred admission to an entering class two years in the future. If admitted, you’ll have a guaranteed spot in that class as well as a $10,000 minimum scholarship award in hand as you spend the intervening two years gaining professional experience. With your future grad school plans in focus, the hope is that you’ll take the opportunity to pursue your professional passion, or to try out a field in which you’re interested but not yet sure is your life’s calling. Either way, the real-world exposure you’ll gain will be crucial in helping you take advantage of everything Fletcher has to offer. Students arriving at Fletcher via the MYF pathway are consistently among the super-achievers of each new class.

The December application for MYF is coming up soon – December 10. If that’s too soon to get your application materials in order, though, the June 10 deadline is an option, too. Either way, I recommend current seniors spend some time looking into Map Your Future, and get in touch with our office with any questions!

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